Anipang for Kakao

Anipang for Kakao 1.3.1

Play against your KakaoTalk friends


  • Fun gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Play against friends


  • Can get repetitive
  • Hearts take a long time to earn

Very good

Anipang for Kakao is a puzzle game where you match animals to earn points and big scores. After completing a round in Anipang for Kakao, your scores are compared to your friends list in KakaoTalk.

These leaderboards show how well your friends are doing compared to you, creating a competitive friends-vs-you experience. The gameplay in Anipang for Kakao is very simple. There are various animals that you match together and clear to make more opportunities for chains. There is a meter at the top of the screen that you fill as you clear animals, which will give you a bomb that will clear long lines.

Visuals in Anipang for Kakao are very cartoony, but they fit the style of the game very well. The sounds in the game can get annoying, but you have the option of turning them off.

As a free game, each round costs "1 heart." You can send hearts to friends so they can keep playing adding to the social aspect of Anipang for Kakao. You also earn coins that are used for upgrades in the store and there are also in-app purchases for in-game currency that can be traded for coins or hearts.

The design of Anipang for Kakao does not require you to spend money that often if you have a lot of KakaoTalk friends.

If you use KakaoTalk, Anipang for Kakao is a great way to challenge your friends.

Anipang for Kakao


Anipang for Kakao 1.3.1

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